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Project Description
Visual Studio already had the ability to recognize and quickly navigate (with Ctrl LeftClick) to URLs embedded in the comments of the code. This is great, but what is really needed is a way of referring quickly and easily from one part of the code to another part of the code (or to architectural documents checked in with the code). That is exactly what the HyperAddin does: It makes creating and following hyper-links in your code trivial. Now you only have to explain something once in a comment and refer to it many times (got lots of overloaded methods? They should all refer to the 'master' that does the real work).

Hyperlinks in your source code are one of those features that once you have used it, you wonder how you ever got by without it. If you use Visual Studio, you really should try it. Anyone reading your source code (including yourself!) will thank you for it.

Vote for adding to Visual Studio
If you like the features of HyperAddin, vote to get it into the next release of Visual Studio here. To vote click the 'sign in to rate' link and then simply click on the number of stars that indicate its value to you.

To install, click on the 'Releases' tab above and follow the detailed instructions there. Works on VS2005 and VS2008.

A reasonable way to demonstrate the power of hyperlinks is to browse the source code of HyperAddin itself. Just download the sources from the 'sources' tab and open the HyperAddin.sln (or HyperAddinVS2008.sln if you are using VS2008) and open the Readme.cs file. You can start clicking on links from there.

For you convinience I have copied the help.htm file. This is a copy of what you would get on the HyperAddin -> HyperAddin Help menu entry.

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